Quantitative/Data Scientist

Athens, Attiki, Greece · Strategy


Signal Ocean, the analytics start-up associated with Signal Maritime, is looking for world-class researcher with an obsession for data analysis and the pursuit of hidden knowledge in financial markets.

In our company, we have a strong commitment to staying at the frontier of technological progress so the ideal candidate is expected to be a fluent programmer and be able to work tightly with engineering, data, product and business analysis professionals in an agile framework. Past experience on applied econometrics, machine learning and big data analysis skills are highly valued.

If you are interested in working at the intersection of artificial intelligence/machine learning, software engineering and advanced analytics and if you have the skills and drive to create and improve novel algorithms, models and, ultimately, trading systems then we would love to hear from you. Strict adherence to Confidentiality, Intellectual Property and Non-Compete clauses is expected.



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